ख़बरी दोस्त

22-Dec to 19-Jan

It might not be the end of the week yet, but it's definitely the end of the month -- and isn't that a great reason to celebrate? Sure it is. Especially for someone who's had the kind of week you've had. Bet you can easily talk someone into taking the day off with you. When was the last time you took a nice, long drive with a friend with absolutely no destination in mind?

20-Jan to 18-Feb

Your glow is bound to attract all sorts of wonderful things and delicious people. In all the hubbub, make sure you keep your compassionate side engaged. Though you're just testing the waters, someone else may be in too deep. Don't let it go too far without letting them know where you're coming from -- and that you don't know where this is going. You're lit up from within right now.

19-Feb to 20-Mar

Fascinating detours threaten to sidetrack you at the moment. Don't let those sparkly lights and loud noises distract you from the road. If you can bring yourself to buckle down to the existing tasks at hand, you can accomplish a great deal now. And afterward, one of those alluring detours will still be available. So strap yourself and go for a ride. Don't forget to bring your favorite pal along with you.

21-Mar to 20-Apr

It's time to do some reading between the lines. A friend who's an expert at this can help you detect the signs, and then it's time to figure out how, exactly, you're going to handle this potentially sticky situation. Your conservative, practical side may be in denial that there's something funny going on, but on a more intuitive level, it's hard to refute.

21-Apr to 21-May

You need a respite from the break-neck pace of your life. Seek some downtime -- you may even find yourself lost deep in thought. What you're mulling over now may be puzzling, but the process is definitely productive. Take some free-form notes about what's going through your head so you can refer to them later when you're back in full operation.

22-May to 21-Jun

You may feel as if you can't quite put your finger on what's holding you back, but look a little deeper and the source may become clear. You usually know what you want, and you're usually ready to latch on and not let go. A little indecision every so often is only natural, however, and if you're feeling it, don't try to deny it. In fact, it's probably worth investigating further. Suddenly, everything will become clear.

22-Jun to 22-Jul

Your most recent brainstorm absolutely deserves attention. But when it comes to acting and following through, you can get a little sidetracked. Set your priorities and make a schedule. Ask a friend with a lot of determination to join you for the ride. Your curious and intelligent nature provides you with all sorts of avenues for exploration and amazing ideas.

23-Jul to 22-Aug

Allowing yourself a little latitude lets you do some of your best work -- and not only when it comes to your career. Give your inner critic the day off. How about some freewheeling interpersonal exchanges? Suspend your serious side and your undying quest for perfection. Someone's oddities may strike you as sweet and interesting -- tell them about it.

23-Aug to 23-Sep

The idea is to get things expanding -- your mind, your regular routine, your circle of friends. Doing just one thing different will have a very effective ripple effect. Invite someone unusual to lunch, take that knitting class, or try skydiving. Once the ball is rolling, it'll be hard to stop it -- not that you'd want to. The new possibilities are tremendous.

24-Sep to 22-Oct

You're bringing even more of your patented intensity to every arena of your life, particularly in the realm of romance. Whatever you have going on now, you can expect things to heat up suddenly to a boil. Get out the oven mitts -- you'll be eager to pull off the lid, because it's likely to be burning hot. And you won't want what's cooking inside to cool off before you sneak a taste.

23-Oct to 22-Nov

The good karma you've been cultivating is about to come back around in a very nice way. Balancing what you want and need with selflessness is one of your specialties. A person close to you may do you a big favor completely out of the blue, or someone from your past might suddenly help something sweet land in your lap. Knowing you, you'll keep the excellent energy flowing.

23-Nov to 21-Dec

It's all about keeping the cycle of good karma going, without regard to the benefits you'll serendipitously enjoy. You're always eager to help -- your empathetic nature can lead to an interesting and fertile connection now. Sign up to volunteer, and the next thing you know, a fellow volunteer just happens to know someone who can help you with a special project, and so on, and so on.