ख़बरी दोस्त

22-Dec to 19-Jan

Prepare to make lots of friends in the coming days -- some of whom will want to be more than platonic. This certainly doesn't mean you can't be just as outgoing as ever -- or even more so. But when it comes to tossing meaningful glances across the room or making remarks that could be taken as an indication of interest, better go easy. You're absolutely magnetic in terms of romance.

20-Jan to 18-Feb

You really should start thinking about a cover charge -- because no matter where you go, you'll be attracting even more attention than usual. In fact, you'll be so darned charming, it might be hard to believe it yourself. So just imagine how your lucky companions will be feeling -- you and two entire days to enjoy you (free of charge, so far). What could be sweeter?

19-Feb to 20-Mar

For the next few weeks, you're going to be quite aggressive, especially when it comes to going after what (or whom) you want. Be warned, though: No matter where you are or who you happen to be chatting with, if someone you're attracted to walks by, you'll just have to excuse yourself and follow. No, this isn't your usual M.O., but that's okay. Every now and then you get to pretend you're someone else.

21-Mar to 20-Apr

All your relationships will take on an extremely interesting tone right now -- a very passionate one. That goes for the person you share your home with, each and every coworker and even the person who sits next to you on the bus. You're putting out some extremely magnetic energy, and everyone around you will feel it. Just be sure not to lavish it on someone you're not really interested in. This stuff is potent.

21-Apr to 21-May

You just love peace, quiet and quality time alone with your favorite people. Today, you'll whittle down that small and discriminating guest list even further until it only accommodates a party of two, which will suit you just fine. You two can legitimately retreat from the rest of the world without fear of being discovered, finally. Enjoy every minute.

22-May to 21-Jun

Surprise, surprise, you're in the mood to party. Yes, again. Not that you ever really stop, of course. But when you're really in the mood, it's best for anyone who's not to step back and get out of your way. Fortunately, you're never without charming, amusing options when it comes to playmates, and today is no exception. They may not be the usual suspects, but you'll all have a fine time.

22-Jun to 22-Jul

You've been sworn to secrecy, and it's making you crazy. There's absolutely no way you'd ever betray a confidence, but in this particular instance, you're tempted. The problem is you're not quite sure you're doing anyone a favor by keeping this secret. Still, there's really only one issue here: You said you'd stay quiet. So do it. Maintain this confidence any way you know how. Make good on your word.

23-Jul to 22-Aug

You have one more day of paying total attention to the one you love. Then you'll be back to normal -- for you, at least -- which means you'll once again be concerned with keeping things fair, unbiased and objective. In the meantime, though, feel free to lavish your darling with loving attention -- and feel good about it.

23-Aug to 23-Sep

Being financially impulsive has gotten you into trouble more than once, so you've been good for a very long time. After the binge you perpetrated, though, you were really just forced into being good. Now that you actually have the choice, and are still trying to be cautious, you deserve a pat on the back -- anyone who knows you might even say a medal. Maybe you've earned just one tiny shopping spree.

24-Sep to 22-Oct

The past period of time has been good -- tiring, but good -- and the future looks to be even better. You certainly have earned this, and you're going to enjoy it to the max. So if a dear one has made some plans that are a bit different than what you usually do, don't argue with them. Variety is the spice of life -- and when has this person ever let you down? Go ahead. Be brave and try it.

23-Oct to 22-Nov

Keeping quiet about what you've been told by a family member recently is going to be even tougher now than it was before -- especially since someone will casually mention a minor, but related, incident that aggravates them beyond belief. Your mission, then, should you choose to accept it, is to forget about keeping the peace, settle for the position of referee and blow your whistle.

23-Nov to 21-Dec

That friend who never fails to get you to do something no one else ever could? They're at it again -- and you won't mind a bit. You may even do some instigating this time out. Take it easy on acquaintances who won't be expecting this from you -- which, of course, applies to almost everyone -- and those who aren't as intellectually well-equipped as you are, which applies to absolutely everyone.